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---------- Unlock Loại 13 Tuổi ----------
Hello facebook team: This is my id card.I'm sorry the wrong information in this. I hope that will be soon confirmed this account with the following information
Full name:
Date of birth :
Thanks facebook team
---------- Unlock Loại 14 Tuổi ----------
I think that facebook disabled my account is confusion here
I must abide by the rules use their real identities on Facebook
Do not post pornographic or contains nudity not use your account to attract others
I have over 14 years of age and I have the right to use facebook.
I asked Facebook to reactivate my account
This is my legal papers:
Full name:
My print passport ID:
Link Url:
Please check back, please help me, this is the account holder
Thanks to the Facebook Team.
---------- Unlock Loại FAQ ----------
Rep Mail Loại 1: 
- Full Name : Lê Văn Hiếu
- Date of Birth : 18-09-1999
- Email : levanhieu@gmail.com
- Url : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004040517937
- Please help me to reconsider. Thank Facebook Team !
Rep Mail Loại 2:

Hello Facebook Team : That is my id card

This is of my identity card issued by the government, so please check it and unlock my account
Full name: 
My ID in passport: 
URL : 
I think there is one mistake in the lock my account! Thanks for read.
---------- Unlock Loại Tính Năng ----------
I think Facebook is no confusion in the key features of my account. I've done a full charter of facebook. Hope review Thank you Facebook Team
---------- Đỗi Tên Trước 60 Ngày ----------
-Hi Facebook Team
-My New Name It Isn’t Set On My Account
-My New Name Is: “Tên mới bạn muốn đổi”
-And this is my ID Card:
-Thanks Facebook Team.

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