Hướng Dẫn Mỡ 13 Tuổi

Hi Team Facebook. Please check unlock my account
Full name:
My ID in passport:
Please check back, please help me, this is the account owner It is very important to my do not Pretending or claiming to be someone else I have 13 year old enough to use Facebook I do not Bullying another individual by imitating them I do not Falsely representing an individual I do not violate the community standards .. I do not violate violence and intimidation I did not violate Self Harm Themselves I did not violate Hateful Language I did not violate Bullying and Harassment I did not violate objectionable content I did not violate Identity and Privacy I did not violate Nudity and Pornography I did not violate the intellectual property assets we did not violate Controlled Goods I did not violate Phishing and Spam I did not violate Security Thank Facebook Team.

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